An Emphasis of the The Screws Series

Tonino Lamborghini black and red watch

Tonino Lamborghini’s collection of watches vary in groups. The Screws, Brake, GT2, Spyder, and Wheels all construct the series for the men’s selection. And two beautifully crafted collection for women make up the Shield Lady 7000 and Spyder Lady 700 series. Each watch are intricately designed to fit a luxurious/edgy lifestyle that sophisticates every fashion.

Now, Tonino Lamborghini’s watches has made it to the beautiful South American continent to reign the rich arrangements of time. Intricate designs are the staple of every watch that makes up a reflection of motor-racing on every wrist. It’s a style that immediately takes the user to a top-notch fashion.

In every men’s collection, there is a resemblance of every race car’s panel. It emphasizes the the need for mechanics and speed. The Screws series takes the perfect example of this detail as it highlights a four-screw design in every corner. It expresses durability and characterizes the famous Lamborghini’s raging bull brand for intensifying personalities. Each counter resembles a highly constructed speedometer and rev counters. Its straps are made from the finest leather to parallel the interiors of the sportscar. The 4 Screws Style 4820 exceeds the flagship of luxurious watches as it celebrates the iconic automotive world– the Lamborghini heritage.

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